Can anyone guide me to build my project about Smart Recycle Bin

Hello,I had to make a project that can separate object

Im currently using arduino, Load sensor,inductive sensor

as for the output im using servo motor and solenoid

the step is we want to sorting the cans using inductive sensor

for glass bottle and plastic bottle we want to use load sensor because it has different weight.

so i want motor to rotate for 3 angle for 3 material (glass bottle, cans and plastic bottle) and then the

solenoid will push the material into the box according to the objects category with the angle that have

been program

i hope u can guide me complete my arduino coding for my project..

Break the project into small steps.

Sense cans, glass and plastic as separate tasks. Get each one working alone then combine them.

Work out how you are going to direct the object to its own bin. Once you have the mechanical bit sorted, work out how to control the system.

Combine all tasks.

Remember to save each working program as its own program. Copy and paste each working code into a new program (one at a time) to combine them. This allows you to always return to a known working program when you completely stuff up the one you are working on.

If this is a group project, allocate a small individual section to each member. Once one part is working, assist the others. Everyone working on the same small section of code will confuse you.

You will need to collaborate on the variable names for common parts of the program.