Can anyone help me displaying Tibetan language

good afternoon everyone,
Before I post anything here in the forum, I did some research on Internet but can get any result.. I would like to request everyone if any idea help me and thank you so much in advance.

My purpose of posting this post is that I have been trying to display Tibetan language into mcufriend 2.4' tft display for quiet sometimes now but my purpose is to how to make this language (Tibetan) displayable for every display and unfortunately I am not able to find any valuable resource, I have to post this for the first time, usually I answer questions but now I have question which seems this language is biased by internet.

with much love and regard tashi

I have no understanding of Tibetan, I suppose you want to display script characters ?

I think you will have to show characters as small bitmaps.

If you are using this library:GitHub - HobbyComponents/HCTFT: An Arduino library for our range of TFT displays then it has the function BWBitmap() which will take an array of bytes and display each bit as a pixel.

For Example:

const byte oneCharacter= {
  b01001001,    // shape of one character
  b01001001,    // as 1's and 0's
  b00000001,    // Is this the first character of the Tibetan alphabet ? 

myTFT.BWBitmap( 8, 1, oneCharacter );

That might give you somewhere to start.