Can anyone identify please...(Uno)

Hi from a 68 yr old newbie who has apparently designed a Puff of Smoke add-on for his Uno.

All working fine from the USB, but not when powered from the barrel jack (correct term??).

I've had a good poke about but can't find exactly what the offending little #### is (that's exactly where the smoke came from, and there's a fine crack running across the top) - arrowed in pic. If I can identify and source a replacement I'll try to make less smoke soldering it in :kissing:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards from Dublin,

That's not an Uno, it's a 101.

Probably D17. Likely a 1A rated size 1206, maybe SMB, schottky diode.

I'd offer more, but the CAD files here don't seem to be Eagle:

Sorry - I seem to have been wearing my Stupid Hat this week - that pic SHOULD have been this (and BTW, I ordered a genuine Uno last night :-* )

Seems the same little ### in the same place?

Thanks for your help CrossRoads

(for the non-Irish among you that's pronounced rooree!!!) :slight_smile:

Looking over my last post is rather sounds like I'm blaming the hardware :-\

Nothing could be farther from the truth - it was "pilot error" in spades.

R :-*

Same answer as with the 101, it is a diode.
If the other components do not get hot when you are powering via the USB connector or the VIN pin, and if the Uno otherwise works, you can replace the diode if you want to use the barrel jack. Let the schematic be your guide. It looks like the diode is an M7 and if you google "M7 diode" you will find sources online. You can probably just use any general purpose rectifier diode or schottky diode. If you use a non-SMD diode like a 1N4001 you can bend the legs inward and cut them short, and hold it down and tack it into place with solder. The purpose of the diode is to protect from reverse polarity on the barrel jack.

Thanks so much for taking the time folks!

I’ve ordered a replacement - now just to wait. In the meantime I (at the “suggestion” of Household Authorities) tidied the dining room table :grinning:

Used up some foamboard I had from model aircraft & made a compartmented tray to fit everything. Works like a dream.

Cheers, and thanks again.