Can anyone link me a Power Spectral Density library for arduino?

i need a psd library for getting the power of the spectrum of an EEG signal after having transformed it with FFT transform. Thank you!!

Why do you need to use a library? Once you have transformed using the FFT you just need to form (real*2 + imag*2) for each complex term of the FFT. Depending on the detail of your requirement you may then need to scale and combine the resulting terms.

Thank you very much!!

(real*2 + imag2) is not the psd of the signal. It is the *magnitude. Squaring the magnitude - i.e. (real*2 + imag2)2 - gives an *estimate of the psd. See this link for some info about psd.


The [u]magnitude[/u] of a complex number is sqrt(real^2 + imag^2).

OOOOooooopppss. My very bad. Thanks.