Can anyone provide me eagle file of arduino uno with sd card shield?

please provide me schematic diagram

The Arduino UNO doesn't have an SD card shield. If you want to add an SD card to a board you are developing, feel free.

i know it doesnot have sd card shield i asking if any one interfaced uno with sd card shield....if so please provide me the schematic diagram.....

You need some better translation. UNO has a published eagle design and which sd card shield are you talking about?

Do you want to merge UNO with sd card shield get result in an UNO with SD card slot and necessary chip?

If you buy one of the ready made SD card units (like this one on eBay, then mounting it on a Uno size protoype board is so striaghtforward that I don't think that you will find an electrical schematic is needed - you simply hard wire the same links you would use if you were putting it onto a breadboard.