Can anyone recommend a piezo from mouser?

It would be helpful if it worked with some of the examples like Melody. It's for laser tag sound effects like shots and being shot.

Here's a link to mouser:

But But But WHY?

You can rip those out of SO many things!!!

:) ;D

Choose all electronics or electronic gold mine. I think Mouser has a min order and they are not the cheapest. They're not digikey though.

I was hoping for mouser cause I was going to order from them anyway. I already entered a bunch of stuff. I like buying parts as opposed to scavenging because it's usually easier to get another of the same.

Thanks for the link.

Anything under Piezo Audio Transducers here would be fine:

The difference between them is their resonant frequency. Ie, the frequency they're loudest and and reproduce best.

If you plan on playing music, you might want a large one, because music frequencies are very low.

You might even get away with one of the electromechanical ones on that page. The one in Figure I only requires 10mA for example.

Any of these you'll need a current limiting resistor on btw. Don't just hook em up to the pin like in the examples. GumpyMike says piezos act like capactitors and will draw a lot of current all at once. I stuck a 1K resistor on mine to limit it to 5mA, though you could get away with a much smaller resistor than that.

Thanks a lot.

There are only 2 5-volt, pcb piezos in that section. I guess I'll try both of these as they would be the easiest to power. I'll start with the 1k resistor too, though 500 ohms would give 10 mA.