Can anyone recommend a reliable TFT Screen and Module ?

Hello all. Ive done quite a lot of digging on TFT for Arduino. It seems like people are having a lot of trouble with the SainSmart series, namely the SainSmart Mega2560+3.2" TFT LCD Shield+Touch Screen SD Reader 4 Arduino etc....

Also people seem to be using items from ITEAD, also apparently with some problems. Understandably projects always have bugs, but it looks like quite a few people are giving up.

Can anyone recommend a Reliable TFT Backlit Color Screen and board (No touch necessary), either for Mega or Uno or similar, that doesnt use all the Analog and Digital Pins, and does not totally Hog the Atmega Chip so other processes can be run in realtime without a host/client computer attached via USB? (like analog in, tx midi library out, arduino mouse control etc.....)

Looking for something in the region of 60mm x 60mm but rectangular is fine. Im essentially looking to possibly replace a colorduino.

Thanks. I very much appreciate anyones advice.


I just got a 3.2" similar to the SainSmart I'm hopefully going to play with it the weekend, I'll report back.

If you want simple though maybe just go with the official tft:

thanks for the reply.
please let me know how you get on!!

I kinda need bigger than 1.8" really

Yeah 1.8" is kinda small and when you can get the 3.2" for ~$12 on ebay what the heck :slight_smile:

So I had very little time to play with it, but I found a library called UTFT that seems like it’ll work nicely and just found the pin map that should work. Hopefully I’ll hook it up and run the test code tonight/tomorrow.

I agree. I need a bit of real estate there.

Doing something for potentially visually impared so things will have to be bold and bright.

very much appreciate your experience updates.

Fr the shake of Library and samples try Adafruit TFT.

Looks like the Adafruit lirary only supports 8 bit displays though.

So I ran into 2 problems with UTFT, first is the wiring is less than clear probably due to there being a lot of different supported screens. I think I got it right in the end but nothing came up still :S The other is the library itself takes up most of the flash ~28K so you can't do anything other than fairly basic stuff. I may see if I can find another library/mod this one a bit and make it smaller. Either that or just invest in a Due :D

Hi Trevor.

Although thats not super fun for you... thats really good info to have. Thank you. I did a pile of research on different TFTs and it seems there is some argument in forums about weather some of the shields from china are badly built or the libraries address the wrong pins. In anycase, nothing seems super straightforwards.

So thanks again, and also, please indeed keep me informed. Might end up collating everything Ive found so far to help others.


Sure thing. Like I said it gives me an excuse to buy a Due and at the end of the day even if I can't get it working well it was only $12...

I also ordered a 1.8" serial TFT which should be here anyday and should work a lot better with an uno/nano.