Can anyone recommend a voice recognition module?

I'm shopping for a voice recognition shield to go with my robot and I was wondering if anyone has had a good experience and what product they used? Thanks!

How many commands are you looking to have?
I have this module, it can have 3 groups consisting of 5 words each. I would walk you through it, but the driver is not compatible with my Windows 8 laptop ( Win 7 and under).

Another is this one. Dfrobot Speech Recognition Module I’m not sure how good it is.

Finally there is the EasyVR It supports 32 words and from what I’ve heard it is quite easy to setup. Kinda expensive though.

Thank you for your reply!

For the one you have, does it seem fairly responsive? Can it hear you from a good distance?

Its decent within a 1 foot distance, you just need I speak very clearly.

I have both the EasyVR 2.0 and Voice Recognition Module Rev2 modules.
I can say that the EasyVR 2.0 is much better than the Voice Recognition Module Rev2.
It has greater accuracy of recognition, a 3ft+ range with included mic and more options, worth the extra $$ to me. I use one in an Arduino A.I. project.
I bought my EasyVR 2.0 from Sparkfun , they sell the module on a shield.

Thank you, I will try the EasyVR 2.0 then.