Can anyone recommend a WiFi Shield and LCD or TFT that works well with UNO R3?

I'm having numerous issues with the Arduino WiFi Shield, both before and after upgrading its firmware, and the Seeedstudio TFT Touch Shield v1.0 which I just purchased, which I'll need to return because it apparently shares a resource or pin with the WiFi Shield and isn't happy. ( Simply removing WiFi.h from my code allows the TFT to function correctly ). The LCD that came with the Arduino starter kit ( LCM1602C ) likes to flake out and replace characters randomly. Very frustrating.


Has anyone gotten a WiFi Shield of any brand to work with their Arduino UNO R3, along with a display device of any sort, and what brand / model did you use? Were you actually able to run the web server example with your setup and get it to serve you a webpage?

Before I flashed the WiFi Shield firmware, it would attach to my network SSID, pull an IP address and answer a ping, but it wouldn't detect a client. After I updated the firmware, it almost works, except all the functions return empty strings or zeros. It says my IP address is instead of ( which still answers my ping ), it reports its firmware, SSID name, etc. as nothing. The improvement is that it detects my browser trying to connect but instantly drops the connection, over and over. All this is a bit flaky. I've got a RasPi coming this week, but I really want to make all this work as intended.