can anyone say how to store coordinates in a maze solver like i showed in pic

How to store coordinate values using arduino for solving a maze

i don't get to you brother i'm sorry can you please send me sample program of how to update the array at every node and so on

Example code to do your entire project? No, I don't have that, sorry.

Is the forum refusing to allow attachments/uploads again?

WOW! That EEPROM library is pretty neat. I had no idea Arduino could do that.



you first Map the Maze and represent as numbers to understand as we human understand

As example if a Maze is x by y long

Map it with Array variable - inform Arduino that these are cells

Following is given matrix as Maze of 4x4 ONE are path and open to travel and Zeros are Blocks


Following is the Result Path to travel


Following are the coordinates for path


The startup code is like this

int array[4][4]={{1,1,1,0},

I hope that you can take start

Arduino is very good at that and can solve this very comfortably

When you are able to store these cells coordinates in array.

Inform what is further you look for in maze so that we can develop your programming skills and you can learn by doing yourself and writing code.

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Hope for your success