Can anyone shorten this code, aruino unom ram is not enough

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So, what's wrong with changing the button labels to "Reply to post" and "Reply to topic" ?

There is nothing wrong with it apart from the fact that something would need to be changed. I have no idea whether Discourse has options available to make the text different on the two buttons (actually there are 3 different button)

Please do not suggest customisation of the software if there is not such an option. Doing such customisation to the SMF software was one reason why it became impossible to support the old forum

As if I know what customization options there are.

So why choose BASIC? Its like "I can't drive, so lets try to drive this 1924 Dodge."

-jim lee

Don't confuse customisation of the software, which involves changing the actual code, with the use of options which can be changed by setting a value that the software already has available

@jimLee i just want to make a basic computer to do it.

@sterretje @srnet @gcjr @alto777 @StefanL38 @SteveMann @UKHeliBob @wildbill @jimLee What did I ask and what answers do you give? If you do not give a real answer to the question I asked, I will close the issue in a few days.
Can you shorten this code or not?

Do you want the code shorter or smaller ?

You can save RAM by using the F() macro when printing text.

 Serial.println(F("with MRETV composit video output")); 

Do I get a prize ?


"And I don't know anything about coding"

"I just want to make a basic computer to do it."

Sounds like you want someone else to improve the code for you, are you prepared to pay for the work ?



ten minutes to make a mini-computer work

well an Arduino Uno has 2 kB of RAM and 32kB of flash-memory.

If you can afford to spend 70 to 190 TL

you can buy a super-mini-mini-computer with

  • 16 times more RAM 32 kB (instead of 2 kB)
  • 8 times more Flash 256 kB (instead if 32kB)
  • 4 times faster 48 MHz ) instead of 16 MHz)

11 interrupt-capable IO-pins (instead of 2 IO-pins)
2 hardware-serial interfaces (instead of 1 serial interface)

programmable in a very modern programming language called micropython

steps to get the mini-mini-computer up and running
needs about 10 minutes to do once you have the mini-mini-computer on your desk

  1. downloading the micropython firmware
  2. plugin in the mini-mini-computer with a USB-C-cable
  3. using a single wire to create a double-reset-signal ( a drive called ARDUINO will appear
  4. copying the downloaded *.UF2-file onto the drive
  5. unplug and re-plug the USB-C-cable a new drive CIRCUITPY will appear
  6. edit the file with any simple texteditor you like
  7. save file ==> new program is running

micropython-firmware for Seeeduino XIAO

Video in english that shows all steps

If you prefer a textbased manual

best regards Stefan

iyi bir Arduino Uno'nun 2 kB RAM'i ve 32 kB flash belleği vardır.

70 ile 190 TL arası harcamaya gücünüz yetiyorsa

ile bir süper mini mini bilgisayar satın alabilirsiniz.
- 16 kat daha fazla RAM 32 kB (2 kB yerine)
- 8 kat daha fazla Flash 256 kB (bunun yerine 32kB ise)
- 4 kat daha hızlı 48 MHz ) 16 MHz yerine)

11 kesme özellikli IO pini (2 IO pini yerine)
2 donanım-seri arabirimi (1 seri arabirim yerine)

micropython adlı çok modern bir programlama dilinde programlanabilir

mini mini bilgisayarı çalıştırma ve çalıştırma adımları
mini mini bilgisayarı masanıza yerleştirdikten sonra yapmanız gereken yaklaşık 10 dakika

1. micropython bellenimini indirme
2. USB-C-kablolu mini mini bilgisayarda eklenti
3. Çift sıfırlama sinyali oluşturmak için tek bir kablo kullanarak (ARDUINO adlı bir sürücü görünecektir
4. indirilen *.UF2 dosyasını sürücüye kopyalama
5. USB-C kablosunu çıkarın ve yeniden takın, yeni bir sürücü CIRCUITPY görünecektir
6. dosyasını istediğiniz herhangi bir basit metin düzenleyiciyle düzenleyin
7. dosyayı kaydet ==> yeni program çalışıyor

Seeeduino XIAO için micropython bellenimi

Tüm adımları gösteren ingilizce video

Metin tabanlı bir kılavuzu tercih ederseniz
Saygılarımla Stefan

Then, ask a real question.
"shorten this code" is very ambiguous and not a term programmers tend to use. I don't recall seeing you explain what problem you are trying to solve.