Can Anyone suggest an IC (reverse truth table of decoder)

I'm building a pinball machine that has 7 lighting chains and 13 solenoids. I need them to be selectable outputs but with minimizing the pins I am using. I was wanting to use a 3 to 8 decoder and a 4 to 16 decoder. My problem is the truth tables have all outputs high and whichever pin is selected is low. I need that but inverted. Are there IC's like this or do you have to put an inverter at all outputs?

Thanks for the help.

I need that but inverted.


Are there IC's like this

You could use the analogue series of multiplexers like the 4050 or 4057 or the numbers in between. Because they are analogue they work both ways round and you can put pull down resistors on the "outputs" to give you a logic low.

TPIC6x595 for the solenoids, 100 to 350mA outputs available. Sinks current thru the load.
Can do up to 50V for controlling LED strings also.
Daisy chain 3 and send data using SPI.transfer().

Or 74HC595 and MIC2981 if you want to Source current to the load.