Can anyone tell me what this actually is ?

Has anyone come across these before and is it of any use ?
Only paid $1.00 at a Sally Anne store so no big deal if its a bust

How are those things connected? What's on the other side of the board?

That's definitely '128 on there. If the pins are broken out you can try reading the chip contents with an ISP programmer.

It looks like a card designed to fit in a CAM slot on something like a cable/satellite box so you can gain illegal access to encrypted channels. Obviously the firmware on the card would need to match your box details to do this but you might be able to use it for more Arduino like projects with a bit/lot of work.

Will add it to my antique processor collection along with the $2 Limoges vase I picked up at the same store that's worth considerably more than that.

@ DrAzzy
Some but not all pins are out on pads to the far right of the board. There are some more pads on the underside. They do match a Bell satellite card as well so Rive was correct.