can ard. be used like the mjoy16 for fast input?

I’m a newbie, I haven’t gotten an arduino yet. I used to have a handyboard (from mit) years ago, and used it in a simple project.

I saw this MJoy16 project (successor of MJoy), that can be used to create your own custom usb input device, to create for example custom input devices for flight simulators:

It uses the atmega16 too like the next version of arduino.

It is very complex though. You need to understand assembly and the usb protocol and so on. I would prefer to use the arduino if possible, since there is so much documentation and so many example projects.

Can the arduino be used for creating for example custom multi-input devices (joysticks, etc.) like mjoy16?

Will it still be fast enough for things like game control? Is this limited by the fact that the arduino does all communication serial port style even though it uses a usb connection?

Appreciate any advice.

I guess I should do more research. There is so much to learn. I’ll look into the option of using the avr directly such as AVR HID: