Can Arduino be used as a power source distributor?

Hi all,

Again, I apologise if this is a duplicate in any way of any other topics/posts already out there. I took a little bit of time to research and see if I could find the answer to my problem, but I am really new to Arduino and some of the language completely confused me.

I am working on a project where I want the Arduino to operate a few servos but also work as a power source distributor to another product i.e. the Arduino would be powered by the mains, and the product would be plugged into the Arduino allowing it to run off the same power source?

I’ve attached a PDF of the product if it helps in anyway, as it gives details off input voltage etc

Is this feasible in any way?!

Thanks in advance.


Full page photo - EM2001.pdf (179 KB)

You can wire up the Arduino 12V in parallel with 12V going out to other. You don't want to use the Vin header pin or the 5V header pin to power other devices, the regulator and reverse polarity protection diode are not rated for much current to do that. Make a power splitter cable, wire the other stuff in parallel.