Can Arduino be used as FTP server/host?

Hello i was wondering if the arduino can be used as a ftp server with a external hard drive on it?Not sure if this question been asked before or not. I have seen some of these USB shields and i was wondering if one of them would work?

No, it's not practical to use a USB hard drive (if it's even possible). Using an SD card would be practical, however; any Arduino could handle such a task and you can find many examples if you look.

I don't think I've seen any FTP implementations but a TFTP server should be possible. But, really, you should be looking at using something like a Raspberry Pi for such a task.

Hello thank you. the TFTP that is something i have seen. It is a sketch upload over internet or something like that?

TFTP stands for "Trivial" FTP. It's just a simplified FTP and frequently used on devices without much processing capability.

Googling for it I see you're finding someone's implementation of it to flash chips, but it's not specific to flashing. It's just a simple protocol for file transfer.

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