CAn Arduino communicate over midi connection?

I’m new with Arduino, i’ve build the MIDIsense kit from Adafruit. it is nice, but I want to develop it further with Arduino’s bootloader, so i ordered a avr programmer.
On the MIDI sense board however is no USB, but there is a MIDI connector, wich is connected to my MacBook via a USB to MIDI cable
Is there a way to use the MIDI connection as Serial port for programming the board with Arduino? or can I use the avr programmer for it?
Thanks in advance!

No idea what this thing does but there is a “reprogramming header” that looks like a standard in-circuit proogramming header. I would assume that it’s got some code in the atmega which you would have to integrate with. Do you have the source and the means to modify/recompile it?

If it’s open source maybe you can find find the author or a project team to ask through the ladyada site.

ah… i’m beginning to see the light!
First I will use Arduino (with Avrdude) to upload standard arduino bootloader, so I can learn & practice with this board.(it’s the only board i own sofar…)
Is it so that Arduino can use AVR isp MKII to upload the sketch as well?
Or will Arduino upload the sketch only using the usb/serial?
If Arduino wont upload the sketch using AVR isp MKII, I guess I will learn to do it by hand, using avrdude.

Mysterie solved :).
The Adafruit MIDIsense board has a ATmega168 on it, and no usb. So if I want to use Arduino with it, I simply choose “sketch | verify/compile” and then “-> upload to board”. It gives an error, because there’s no serial link ofcourse, but it creates a folder called “applet” in de projectfolder, with the [projectname].hex file in it.
Then with avrdude and avrisp mkII I can upload this hex file into the board.
Ofcourse this way i’ve got no bootloader, but who cares…

Today I got my avrisp mkII, which is nice… but it only had 6 pin header connectpr, so I demolished the 10 pin header, to become a 6 pin one, and then rewired it… lucky that I like to solder a lot… :wink: