Can Arduino do this....


While I did some searching, I found it difficult to answer my question I figure I'd pass it along to someone who's far more familiar with the hardware.

I need a PIC (hopefully Arduino will work!) to take, as inputs, the outputs of 6 separate acoustic transducers. I'm only interested in the IRQ response. The idea is to run a simple algorithm to calculate the time difference between each IRQ ~ this is going to be used in a TDOA calculation that's running on a PC.

Perhaps I can't do it on the IRQ level...that's okay. I just need to be able to compare when the sensor 'got something' to when another sensor 'gets something' and then come up with all my time differences.

This is my first post gentle!

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There's an essential item missing from your question: how precisely do you need to measure?

If you're looking for resolution in milliseconds, the anwers is "Yes". If you want to get down to single-digit microseconds, it's "No". Based on my experience with other 8-bit micros (because I haven't tried doing precision interrupt-driven time measurement with an Arduino), I'd guess the boundary between "Yes" and "No" is somewhere in the 50-100 microsecond area. Someone who has done something like this with an Arduino can give you a better approximation.