Can arduino feasibly read a low-resolution camera input and do operations?

Good evening,
I stumbled across an analog method of point tracking and am sure that I have the algebra right for a giant set of matrices operations.

Is it possible to feed a bunch of data to an Arduino from a camera, and then do operations on it?
Such as,
Adjusting overall brightness.
Doing math to see how brightness changes from groups of pixels.
Doing math to compare a large amount of numbers to another large amount of numbers.
Displaying the read values and sending them to a big TV display.

Is it possible?

If it is slow, that will be ok. I am just curious if it can work.

Thanks a lot.
Yelizar Dergachev

If you are going to do math on a "bunch" of numbers, you will need a bunch of memory.

Maybe consider an ESP32-CAM. They are not Arduinos but they can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. They only cost about £8 and they can do facial recognition.


The best approach is to get everything working using C/C++ code on your desktop or laptop PC, then look around for an Arduino that might be able to handle the task.