Can Arduino FIO Analog pins A6 and A7 be used as digital input?

Can I use the Arduino FIO (this one) pins A6 an A7 as digital inputs? My tests seem to indicate that I cannot, but I wanted to make sure I'm not overlooking something.

I tried to interface an 8-pin keypad using A0-A7. Pins A0-A5 seem to allow usage as digital inputs, but it seems that A6 and A7 are not able to be used as digital in/out pins. I have tried blinking an LED on pins A6 and A7 and failed.

I have tried referencing pins A6 and A7 as both A6/A7, and 20/21.

Take a look at the datasheet. Those 2 pins can only be used as analog inputs. The other analog pins can be used as digital pins.

Ah. That explains everything. I've never even looked at the datasheet, I'm going to do that now. Thank you.