can arduino handle two comunication at once

i just wonder, is that arduino uno r3 can handle two communication at once. for example i want to use oled 12c and micro sd module witch use spi pin.

i just need simple answer, yes or no and the reason :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: .

Yes, you can use an I2C and SPI device on a UNO, and each is addressed in turn.

As for the reason why it works, why do you think it would not work ?

No, not at the same time as there is only one core but it is fast. You can share that resource and it can easily accomplish what you want. However that is a β€œIt Depends” on the software. The hardware is more then capable of it but your code is where the bottle neck will come from. To get a good start define the problem with specifications including a flow chart and schematic. Define what is the expected outcome. I would suggest purchasing the Arduino cookbook and reading it, this will give you some basics. also use the online tutorials and videos available, there are many good ones on this web site. At this point you will be able to define the problem and may have already solved it.