Can Arduino Mega make Atmega BootLoaders?


Can the Arduino Mega load bootloaders onto the Atmega 8 to 328 chips? If yes how please?


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Please read the Arduino playground - ArduinoCoreHardware on the Bootloader section How to burn the bootloader without external AVR-Writer using FT232RL BitBang Mode AVR-Writer.

Turn your Arduino Mega to become AVR-Writer for your Atmega 8 to 328 chips.

Thank you BillHo, I’ll get working on this and see if I would hopefully understand the procedure.

It says, “FT232RL is an USB-Serial bridge on an Arduino Dicimila/NG/Duemilanove PCB” and gives no instructions on the Arduino Mega? Can you please give a few hints on how to adopt the Mega?


BTW, I also have an AVR programmer and a Sanguini in addition to the Mega. Which is the easiest to use to burn the bootloader on the chips?

Arduino Mega use the same FT232RL is an USB-Serial bridge, just modify the X3 pads.

If you have AVR programmer, you can follow the tutorial in the Bootloader section in Arduino playground - ArduinoCoreHardware