Can Arduino read an LCD display? Arduino as magnifier

Hi guys, I'm a donk.

I have heard about Arduino... but I don't know what it is, I don't own it.

I have an electronic device with an LCD display.

Its analog signal is stable as a dancer.

Its MCU ATmega88 is locked and the LCD is nonamed with 15 pins.

On web, many attempts have been made.

So, can I read the result on LCD with Arduino and transmit it on a PC... VCR ... camera... megascreen... wherever I want?

I'm Italian, I'm a little deaf. Please answer slowly and in an elementary way (d'u remember? I'm a donk).




LCD displays are driven by complex signals, and without a data sheet for the LCD it would be difficult for an expert to sort them out.

Point a camera at the LCD, transmit the picture.


This is the best answer, so I’m not even to try.

What a pity!

Many thanks,

All the best,