Can Arduino "speak" to an Xbee without a shield?

I have a couple of Arduino's setup to handle serial communications that work well together. I want them to communicate wirelessly via Xbee modules but, I neither have or can afford the shields now. Instead, I tried to use a voltage divider (10k between Arduino's TX and junction with 15K to ground to Xbee's DIN) and the Xbee doesn't "see" a thing. Any insight on how to accomplish Xbee integration without a shield?

you should be able to integrate the xbee without a shield no problems. You just got to be careful that you are powering the xbee with 3.3V How are you hooking up the xbee to the arduino?

3.3v and ground from the Arduino to the Xbee, TX (pin 1) from Arduino to DIN on Xbee, RX (pin 0) from Arduino to DOUT on Xbee.

I have an Arduino sketch that outputs serial based on ADC pins. If I hook it from Arduino to Arduino, I see the results on the second Arduino. If I then plug the "sending" Arduino's TX to Xbee and watch the X-CTU terminal on the second Xbee (recieve) nothing comes through. But if I use X-CTU to poll for the sender (AT command ATND), the sender gives me the results. So I know the Xbees are alright. Shouldn't the terminal program (X-CTU) just display every thing it recieves?

What baud rate is the XBee set to?

One problem you may be have is that the FTDI transmitter output and the XBee transmitter are connected. I am not sure if there is a current limiting resistor between them or if either one is open drain when high. This should only affect receiving strings to the Arduino.

On my board I use a switch for the TX/RX lines (

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