Can arduino switch on pins commands reading comports?

hmm sounds weird but i will try to explain it..
and i hope u guys know if this is even possible?

i am using hamradio software for example MMSSTV to transmit pictures or digital modes true a radiotransmitter, normaly u can use a rs232 comport to switch between on and off so that the radio is transmitting or not.

i want the radio go into transmit modes when the software i use is pressed Transmit
the arduino is connected true usb and powered true usb.. but is it possible to let the arduino read out my comport and trigger a pin to put the radio in transmit modus?

Is the software able to output serial data through the USB port?

Does the transmitter have RS232 (±12V) or 0 - 5V voltage levels. If ±12V you will need a voltage converter like a MAX232 module to convert the ±12V levels to 0 - 5V levels.

It would help if you were to draw a block diagram of how things are connected and to include or link to the section of the transmitter manual that describes the transmitter's serial port and protocol. Also any information on the software's serial capability.

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Describe in detail the task of the Arduino in your HAM - Radio - Hardware setup.
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well you need to be more specific on how the communication works.

what does the software offer as hardware signals that do any kind of change on what that could be detected elctronicially?

There are a lot of possabilities to realise something like that.
One important thing is:
must the transmitter be switched ON withing 20 microseconds after the software starts transmitting? Or is there some kind of sending requests that start establishing a connection
and if it takes one or two seconds until your transmitter is switched on
still all data will be transmitted?

Another way would be to put a microcontroller inbetween your software and the transmitter.
If this can work reliably will depend on the baudrate that you are using and on the available RAM of the microcontroller to buffer the transmitted data.


In this way as soon as the microcontroller receives something start buffering the received data switch on the transmitter and if transmitter is ready to send forward the data to the transmitter.

So what baudrate is the transmitter working on?
Do you have some check mechanisms if the data was received correctly and in case of not correctly receiving it a new request for the same data is done?

Then a simple checking of the Tx-line does it go HIGH-LOW would be enough to detect transmission starts but some bytes might get lost which would be catched up by the checking and would initiate sending the same datapacket a second time.
etc. etc.
like No 5 (the robot) would say "We need more inpuut"

best regards Stefan

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