Can Arduino Uno Power 12v short LED strips? (new user needs help!)

Hi Everyone,

Im a Max/Msp user trying to graduate to Arduino and this is my first post so please be kind! :slight_smile:

What i hope to do is power 12 led strips from my Ardurino Uno, (these are the strips, )

Each strip will only be a max of 15cm,

Is this possible or will i need some other bits and bobs?

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You will "need some other bits and bobs"

Simplest is a part like UNL2003 or ULN2803.
Connect the + of your strips to a +12V supply, connect the - of hte strip to the output of the ULN2003.
ULN2003 Gnd connects to same Gnd that 12V supply and Arduino connect to. COM is not connected.
Arduino connects to the ULN2003 input - when input is high, output goes low, strip turns on.

YOu can drive it with a transistor or MOSFET

Thanks guys I will check them out!



Check this site:

If you just want to control the RGB levels, you can skip most of the components in the lower left part of the schematic.

I think these tutorials might be helpful.

Brilliant stuff!

I now feel confident i can order a few things and get stuck in. :smiley:

Thanks for the input everyone,

Ill post up if/when I complete my project!