Can arduino update dyndns ??

I have a web server set up on the arduino and port forwarding on the router. However the router does not support me setting it up to update its ip address to dyndns. So i was thinking about using the arduino to update dyndns but i havn't found a single thing on it.

I found this but am struggling to implement it in the arduino software

Any help would be appreciated.


If your router supports, you should make dyndns settings in your router then forward to Arduino's static IP. You do not need any settings in Arduino software.

My router does not support setting up dyndns on it

Doesn't it support it or is it named otherwise? What is the type of your router? Do you have a link to the manual?

Lately someone mentioned as solution for a similar problem.

You will probably need to use the arduino client function to send the update request to the dyndns server.


I think the arduino client needs an IP address to operate, which can't be used per the below.

All requests should be sent to Hard coding the IP address is not acceptable as the IP address may change.