Can Aruino Uno be used to program integrated circuit?

I want to program integrated circuit, and I have a Arduino Uno R3. Is it possible to program integrated circuit using Arduino Uno R3? If so, how?

What integrated circuit - there are thousands of them.


You should be able to build a chip programmer around the Arduino. But if you are asking that question, you’ve got some research & learning to do! …Start by studying the datasheet for the part you are trying to program… Look at the programming voltage requirements and the timing diagrams.

You can program an ATmega chip (for example to load the Arduino bootloader or an Arduino sketch) via JTAG. That’s not too difficult (it’s just serial communication), and you can probably find an example-project for building a JTAG programmer with the Arduino…

Like Robin said, there are thousands of programmable chips and they all have different programming requirements. The tricky part about building a “universal programmer” like [u]this[/u] is that it has to be hardware & software compatible with many different chip types, you have to know how all of those chips are programmed, and it has to be “bulletproof” so you don’t fry the thing (or your target chip) if you happen to configure it for programming the wrong chip. (You also don’t want to fry your chip if you mis-configure the programmer.)