Can ATTiny85 PB5 (RSTDISBL) fuse be changed at runtime?

As the title says. If it can, may I have an example code? I cann't find it anywhere.

I looked at the datasheet and there is no indication that the RSTDISBL fuse can be overridden in software.

I brought up my old hv programmer but now it reads the fuses as all 0xFF. It confuses me.

Are you sure it is wired correctly? If the Fuse High byte reads as FF that means Serial Programming is disabled.

The default values on the ATtiny25/45/85 are:

Extended: FF
High:     DF
Low:      62

You could try a Chip Erase to reset everything.

I enabled pin 5 with avrdude command. The code works so I have no intention of unbricking it for now.
I checked everything three times tho.

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