CAN-BUS and Graphic Screens

I was wondering if it is possible if I could use the Arduino Uno to read in from the OBDII port in a car and be able to display onto some kind of color graphic screen such as a TFT or LED screen. I am very capable in terms of software but I have no idea how to deal with any hardware. I was wondering if someone could point me into the right direction where to start with the hardware and the interfaces. Thank you in advance.

Yousuf Soliman

I looked in to this just a tad and it seems you can't do it without spending at least $15 on an OBD to serial converter. There are chips but they are more expensive and hard to get. You're better off grabbing one on ebay. Search for "ELM327". this may be an even better idea...

does anyone know if a USB out ELM327 could simply be spliced into an arduino? Or is it more complicated?