Anyone is working with Arduino + MCP2515?
I´ve just started with it based on » Ansteuerung des MCP2515 (Tutorial). It´s in german…

My first test sending traces at 1Mbit/s,500 Kbit/s or 125 Kbits/s is in Sorry, the comments are in spanish.

I´m using avrcard hardware (SPI <–>CAN Adapter) =>


Igor R.

I'd love to see Arduino and CANBUS working together!

I have recent experience with CANBUS and some experience with Arduinos (but not the two together). I'm willing to do what little I can to help you get it working.

Sorry, I´ve written this msje in Software-Interfacing instead of Hardware interfacing...

I suppose the difficulty will start with reception + implementation of a buffer.... I'll keep you posted.



Yes, please keep us updated :)