Can bus id question

Hi Everone!
I want to interface my arduino to my car (a new Ford Fiesta), to create my personal display with rpm, speed, average speed etc (just for fun), but i have a question: how can i know the id of these things? Are them standard? Or do i have to find them? But with can 2.0A i have 11 bit for the id, this means that i have to find rpm id in 2^11 possible id, not so funny to do :o does someone if there is any standard on the id or someone has any advice?
Thank you very much,

You can have a look on the ODBII standard, all cars will follow it.

Now if you want to get non ODB2 data, the best way is to use a RPI + Can Hat to sniff the data on the bus, which might not share the same ODB2 port.

Yeah i know that everyone uses obd-II standard, but i want to use this one to interface with my car: CAN-BUS Shield - DEV-13262 - SparkFun Electronics
And i have to insert the can id, not the obd-II id, am i wrong?

So this will not help?