CAN-BUS module not working on extended mode


I have made many projects working on CAN-BUS and most of them are by using the Niren type CAN-BUS module.

Recently I bought 10 modules from ebay and to my surprise I noticed that they don't work on extended mode but on standard they do! I am using the last Seed-Studio library. I have an other UNO with a SeedStudio CAN-BUS shield on it and I have performed the following tests:

  1. Standard Mode: CAN-BUS Seedstudio -> Niren Works.
  2. Standard Mode: Niren -> CAN-BUS Seedstudio Works.
  3. Extended Mode: Niren -> CAN-BUS Seedstudio Works.
  4. Extended Mode: CAN-BUS Seedstudio -> Niren NOT WORKING!

So it does send a correct message on extended mode but cannot receive one which is very strange..

Has anyone faced the same problem? This happened only in the last batch I bought and are from this exact auction:

Is there a solution or do you know of any true reliable source for these modules?

Thank you!