CAN BUS sender pausing when receiver connected


I am new to using the Arduino IDE and have been working on an ESP32 dev kit trying to communicate with CAN using the Arduino CAN library example.

Using the latest ESP32-WROOM-32E I have encountered an issue where plugging the CAN_H, CAN_L connector into my receiver pauses the system until its disconnected at which point the receiver starts to run again. I have attempted this on multiple sender side circuits but the same thing happens, the whole circuit pauses including other receiving CAN parts such as a LED strip controlled by CAN.

My question is if this is a common result of a failing CAN BUS due to incorrect termination or supply issues?

Testing the termination I have the required 120Ohm resistor on each end resulting in 60Ohm circuit resistance.
CAN_H, CAN_L are tested to have correct voltages each end, but slightly different on each end.
Using a ESP32-WROOM-32 NOT E, an older version of the chip from ESPRESSIF, it works without issue.

Thank you,

It appears to me you have problems with termination, it sounds like you are shorting it out. Post a schematic not a frizzy thing and explain how you have the bus at 600 ohms. Include links to technical information on each hardware device. Also your bus should be at about 60 ohms. That is the equivalent of two 120 Ohm resistors on each end of the bus and none on any other nodes.