CAN-BUS Shield to Black Jaguar Help Needed

I am replacing a roboRio TI controller, from a previously FIRST robotics robot, to a connected Arduino system. The main problem I'm having with this is the CAN communication to the Jaguar motor controllers which are operating in CAN mode. I have bought a seeedstudio CAN-BUS shield(v1.2) and I' using the provided library. However, I am unsure as to what exactly i need to send using the sendMsgBuf() command. The most I've figured out is that the Jaguars use 29-bit extended format messages and I've found a document detailing the use of each bit in the message, but I am confused as to how to format that for the arduino library.

The closest situation I could find is this And it's not particularly enlightening upon the CAN communication part.

Does anyone have experience with non-FIRST CAN Jaguar applications or with the CAN_BUS shield in question that they could use to enlighten me?

I have a working snip of code than can control jaguars over can with arduino. PM me if your interested. its net ready for release yet, but I will let you use it until then :smiley:

ubuntupokemoninc, why not post the code so that others can improve it and fix errors?

People can fix the errors when I have all the features implmented. You would really have to know the protocol they run on the work on the code. I spent a couple of weeks reverse engineering BDC-COMM to figure out how they work.

The community awaits your code. :slight_smile:

alright here it is, I finally published it ArduRIO - Browse Files at

consult the wiki for documentation