Can-bus shield

Hello everybody and thanks for any help....
my idea is to read to a single arduino, on which there are two stacked can bus shield, two separate messages sent respectively by two different microcontrollers arduino that have on each a can bus can i do??? I'm new with this sort of communication....
Thanks a lot!!!!

on which there are two stacked can bus shield

You begin by telling us which shields you think you are going to stack. Typically, you can not stack two shields of the same type.

I'm using this type of can bus shield:

You would just have one canbus shield per arduino, they can all communite together assuming one acts as the master(the one that reads), and the other two as slaves(the ones that "write" or reply back to the master,
Just communicate with eaxh one , one at time, to gather the data.u

The mcp2515 has a loopback mode, 2 receive buffers and 3 transmit buffers - along with a plethora of receive filters. I'm still not sure why you would require 2 shields

Hi GM!!!
I do not think this is a good idea: you can not stack shield of the same type!! Be careful before melting an arduino!