Can code be pulled off arduino?

Hey guys,

I've been working on a project that uses an arduino ducemilanove for a class. Unfortunately, the flash drive that I had the code saved on broke when I dropped it, and now the only copy of my code is currently on my arduino. Is there any way I can get the code off the arduino and onto my pc again? Thanks.

Yes, but it wouldn’t look anything like what you expected, sorry.

darn, okay thanks! but what do you mean by that? would it come up in binary or something?

Yes, it would be in native Atmel AVR machine code.
You could possibly reverse-engineer it, but I suspect because you had to ask the question, you won't. :frowning:

If you can find a good friendly h/w engineer, s/he may be able to hack/repair the flash drive.

I think rewriting the code will be the best solution.

  1. You will most likely end up with better code
  2. You will most likely end up using more time reverse engineering / hack flash

I've experienced the exact same thing, and the lesson is: Take Backup!