Can dc motor move continuously rotate without using delay.

Hello there, im still newbie in using of arduino uno and motor driver shield. I really need help to check my program code. The operation of this motor is, rotate continuously after receive a limit switch signal. :frowning:

Hi, You seem to be using one of those crasy motor shields, I just can't work them out, so your code doesn't mean a lot to me. GEt yourself a nice little DVR based module these work a lot better and just use code!!


Please post your code in the normal way not as a screenshot which many people won't be able to see. Also which "motor driver shield" are you using? There are many different ones.

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Dylan_Emanuel: Can DC motor continuously rotate without delay?

The short answer to your somewhat unclear question is, yes. An output, once set on (or off), will remain in that state 'til another instruction acts upon that output.