CAN FD Controller


I'm trying to use the MCP2517FD to add a CAN FD port to a design. I'm wondering if there are any files with the registers and functions available.

I found on the Microchip landing page for the MCP2517FD an API. I'm not figuring out how to make use of what they provide in a sketch though.

I appreciate the help. I'm admittedly much more hardware oriented.

I know for the MCP2515 libraries exist and I have used them myself but I doubt if anyone have created a library for this chip especially with CAN FD being still "new"... would be interesting to work on it though... :)

I've ported the API to Teensy.

The code and Teensy sketch is in Github.

Hi skpang,

It looks like Microchip support directed me to the same files you’ve used in your project. Did you have to modify the files?

Here is are the files Microchip support pointed me towards:


→ {select Search by: Document Title} → type CAN and search.

Download MCP2517FD canfdspi API (v1.0) Last Updated 20-Sep-2017

I have downloaded these files and tried to use it but I have faced a lot of problems.
is there any example code for transmitter and receiver???

Thanks a lot #^_^#