Can fuses become scrambled if ISP programming is inerruped?

I was uploading a program to an atmega328 that is one of my homebuilt PCBs through the ICSP pins. This board has been working for a while, and other like it as well. Tonight however I think I bumped one of the pogo-pins mid upload and now I cant get my ISP programmer to sync.

It would be a shame to have to de-solder such a small QFN chip (which is next to other small QFN chips).

So my question is: how likely is it to completely loose the ability to program the atmega after a bad/failed upload (I was not changing fuse settings)?

I would like to note that at the time I was doing the upload I did have ground connected to both my PC and my variable power supply (which I don't do often). However the chip was powered from USB 5v only, so probably noting but who knows...

If there is any hope its just fuses (as the failed upload did in fact mingle the fuse settings) then is it possible to build a High Voltage programmer using Arduino? Are HVSP programmers difficult to build? Is there any code out there for supporting the HVSP protocol that runs on Arduino?

I found this site which talks about the arduino and an HVSP, but I cant find schematics or good examples of how to build anything.

Are there any other steps I should take to determine if this chip is actually bricked?