can I and do I need two shields XBEE , TOUCH SCREN

can I and do I need two shields XBEE , TOUCH SCREEN

I am fairly new to electronics. I gather shields are premade to allow simple connection of devices to Arduino. I have found touch screen shield and XBEE shield. I might consider Nokia 6100 and Nintendo DS touch screen .

To use both a touch screen and xbee, can both shields be simultaneously connected to Arduino ? OR do I have to choose a shield for one and then add the second by wiring it in myself.

Which model Arduino would be good for the easiest solution ?

I was thinking of trying a popular chip used in some schools but I have been strongly urged to follow up on Arudino. :-X


Some shields can stack. Some can not. Some that can't normally stack can be modified to stack. Some can work with other shields as long as they are on top.

Your problem is that the XBee shield needs to be on top, because the XBee antenna needs to be on the outside, and the touch shield needs to be on top so you can get to the touch screen.

As you mentioned, though, the shield is often just a convenient was to connect devices, so either of the devices you mention can be used in non-shield variations.