Can I change 32u4 USB max packet size from 64 to 8?

Is it possible to change USB report packet size for 32u4 at all?

I am using IDE 1.6.5-r5 since it doesn't have the complicated pluggableUSB. I stripped down the USB to HID keyboard only. Everything works. Pro micro acts as an emulator for a particular brand barcode scanner. Only small difference is that the scanner has 8 byte packet size and arduino pro micro (32u4) has 64. 64 byte packet size makes descriptors easier to read on the analyzer but it would be nice to better emulate if I can change this to 8 to make the emulation more authentic. I've gone through enough times with the USB code but I can't find where to make this change without breaking the code. Maybe someone can point me to the right code or 32u4 reference to do this. Thanks.