Can I chose the ESP32 core version

I try to use arduino 2.0 with an ESP32 devboard
Can I change the ESP32 core version used in compilation?
I can see compilation is done with esp32 1.0.6, can I use 2.0.1?
Thanks a lot.

Hi @whogarden1. It is not clear to me what you mean by "arduino 2.0". Are you using the Arduino Web Editor?

Yes, it's Arduino Editor
Example :
I can see :
Using library SD at version 1.0.5 in folder: /home/builder/.arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/1.0.6/libraries/SD
But the last esp32 version is 2.0.2.

OK, then the answer is "no". There is no way for users to install Arduino boards platforms in Arduino Web Editor, so you are limited to the pre-installed ones. The Arduino Cloud maintainers would need to update the installed version, and that update will be global for all users of Arduino Web Editor and Arduino IoT Cloud.

If you need a different version then you should use the desktop Arduino IDE or Arduino CLI, which allow you to use any version you like of any boards platform on your computer locally.

Thank you for this reply.
When will you install the last esp32 core 2.0.2 version?
(I am already using Arduino IDE 1.8.13)
Testing Aduino Editor, I have many basic pb...

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