Can I connect Arduino IDE to an excel table and do a vlookup to get a value back

Hello all,

First time posting. I am working on an University project at the minute and plan on connecting my arduino set up to a PLC that allows the user to input a work order number.

I then need this to check an excel file to find the work order and return a value from the table.

The value is actually an array of characters that allows for the LED set up to be lit up.

Thanks in advance

This will require a program to be created for the pc and the arduino, both very simple. Your first need to get the arduino communicating with the pc, I myself have done things like this many times to phrase files and send values. To do this i would use Visual studio and create a C# or C++ form or even console app which has built in support for COM's, then i would read the excel file in its CSV format, "it is an option in the excel export settings"

So you first need to master arduino Serial communication and also get used to creating a program using COM's with Visual studio or similar.

I believe this handles two way traffic

There is a program called PLX-DAQ that is widely used to connect Excel to Arduinos, See this long Forum Thread all about it. PLX-DAQ version 2 - now with 64 bit support! (and further new features) - Interfacing w/ Software on the Computer - Arduino Forum

By the way, the Arduino IDE does not connect to Excel - the program running on the Arduino board does.