can i connect arduino pro mini to pc with pololu usb avr programmer v2.1 ?


I am a total noob, and english is not my first language so please bare with me :slight_smile:
I have a arduino pro mini which is already been loaded (programmed). I have to connect to it to make some changes in the programme. As you know pro mini does not have a direct pc connection. So somehow i found a pololu usb avr programmer v2.1 and it can be pluged to pro mini. is it possible for me to connect pro mini to pc and make some changes on the programme with this pololu?


Do you have the source code of the program that is loaded in the ProMini?

thank you for your kind answer.

yes, i do have the source code. show me the way master :slight_smile:

but if i wouldnt have, i couldnt reach it in the pro mini, could i?

You can pull the binary from the pro mini and edit that. But it's hard work and hence the question. Just making sure you were not trying to do that :wink:

There is a user manual for the polulu. There is also an application that you can install to configure the polulu. It has been a while that I used the V2.0 version so from memory
Configure polulu
In IDE, select pro mini and correct frequency/voltage
In IDE, select the com port of the programmer

It can also be used to update, replace, or remove the bootloader on Arduino boards the programmer does not work with the Arduino Nano due to the 1 kΩ pull-up The Palolo USB AVR Programmer v2.x connects to a computer's USB port via a The Palolo USB AVR Programmer v2 (top) connected to an Ad fruit Pro.

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