Can I connect two Bluetooth module in one Arduino chip?

In my project, my phone will communicate with Arduino A, and Arduino B will also communicate with Arduino A at the same time.
My question is, is that possible to connect two slave device(HC-06) in Arduino A, and each slave communicate with different master simultaneously?(one with Arduino B and one with my phone.)

I think you ought to have HC-05s for communication between Arduinos. This is not because you need both as masters but because you will need more comprehensive configuration as a slave. The HC-06 has only a handful of commands, but it will be fine with the phone.

Yeah, I mean HC-05 in Arduino B but HC-06 in arduino A since I want A to be slave, but the point is, is it okay to connect two bluetooth module(HC06 or HC05) in one single arduino chip.

Read reply #1 again, and yes.

Needless to say, if you have Unos, this will require you to use software serial for one of the devices in Arduino A, with all that that implies. If you have Mega, there is no problem, as this has four proper serial ports.

Having said that, as far as Arduino is concerned, the blueteeth are just serial devices and it doesn’t care what they do or how many there are, as long as ports are available for them.