Can I connect two HC 05 to one arduino uno

Hi, i have small project where i want to connect two Bluetooth modules (HC05) to the same Arduino UNO to connect with other two HC05 that are connected to two ultrasound sensors(HC-SR04).
I am wondering how can I connect the two HC05 to the same Arduino UNO board?

Software serial is the general answer, but there is a problem with multiple instances of it, I think they can't listen at the same time. But you could put one BT on the TX/RX pins and one on some other pins with Software Serial.

I assume you mean you have also Arduinos where the HC-SR04 is attached as well as the HC05/06 ?

with a bit of work you could have only 1 HC05 on the master arduino and it will switch between the two slaves to ask for their latest distance measure.

a little communication protocol will be needed, I would suggest to study Serial Input Basics to understand how this could be done

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