Can I control 4 displays with a nano 33 BLE?

Dear forum members

I am pretty new to the Arduino world and now would like to create my first project based on a nano 33 BLE.

These are the requirements of which I am seeking help:

  • The board should run on battery for let's say for around 3 month
  • The board should control 4 displays (monochrome, Nokia 5110 LCD, around 0.4mA power consumption)
  • The project should occasionally be configured via Bluetooth

How feasible is this project, in terms of...

... connecting & controlling 4 displays (only one needs to be active at a time)
... about the power consumption
... are there any alternatives to the aforementioned displays? Monochrome is fine, display size of around 3 cm^2 is fine

Thanks for sharing your experience!

You should be able to do it. It is a SPI interface so you will need a CE\ for each display. There is a good example at: In-Depth: Interface Nokia 5110 Graphic LCD Display with Arduino D/C(Data/Command) is used to define a command or data, you may be able to parallel them as long as CE\ disables it on a particular display, same for all the others except C. CE\ is also referenced as CS\ in many SPI articles, the "" indicates a negitave true signal. This link shows how to use the SPI: Nano 33 BLE SPI Issues. It will run at about 8 Mhz not 16 Mhz at 3.5 volts. If you run it at 5V you will need a level translator.