Can I control led strip fade with arduino? ROOKIE

Hi! I am new to arduino so I was woindering if I can control the fade in and out of a 12 Volt led strip (2wires +-) by arduino?

I dont know if its possible once it needs 12Volts to work??? Please help...

Sure you can. The Arduino IDE has an example sketch called fading in the examples/analog folder. You will then have to wire a resistor/transistor to switch on and off the 12v used by your LED strip as an Arduino output pin has a limit of 5vdc and 40ma max output by itself.


besides the on and off, can i make them fade in and out? Or should I need another type of led strips to do so? As for the transistor, is a a cooling plate (or how its called) needed?

It's called a heatsink, and it really It can never hurt, but you really only need one on the larger ones that do in excess of 1 amp... And the fading in and out is called PWM (Pulse Width Modulation).

I am interested too… Can you suggest a suitable transistor for this purpose?

Check this:

(just ignore the resistors etc. at the bottom of the schematic)