Can I control this ESC/Brushless motor from a Arduino and/or Rasp.Pi???

My friend and I have been reading up on articles talking about controlling ESC/Brushless Motors from a Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Articles i've read give caution on the idea that controlling such systems depends on the specifications of the ESC. For example one articles i've read talks about controlling 20A or 30A ESC's but the ESC we're trying to control exceeds that.

Here is a link to the ESC and Brushless motor that i'm trying to control through a Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi.

Is there anyone that can give me some feedback on whether this ESC/Motor can be controlled using a Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi. I would like to get some feedback before my friend and I go through with the order.

Any arduino can control ANY RC ESC using the Servo Library.
It makes no difference what the rating of the ESC but anyone purchasing an ESC should already be aware that the ESC rating is chosen to match the brushless motor rating. If you are not familiar with brushless motor ratings you shouldn’t be purchasing ESCs.
Also assumed is that anyone using either of the above components should already know that the power source should be a LIPO battery whose rating is also chosen to match the motor. Using a MISMATCH of motor & battery or motor and ESC or ESC & Motor,
well, you get the idea , can be BAD. What does BAD Mean ? Well , imagine you over-discharge a lipo battery by using a motor and ESC rated HIGHER than the battery rating and the battery gets hot , puffs up , and bursts into flames right on your bench,
catching everything else on the bench on fire. That would be bad, wouldn’t it ?
If you have never controlled a servo or ESC with an arduino, be advised, DO NOT USE PWM signals generated with the analogWrite statement !!! Servos and ESCs require the SERVO LIBRARY !

Also, suffice it to say, if you are not experienced with the above components, you probably also don’t know what guage wire to use either so don’t use anything until you find out . (Hint, the guage of wire on the ESC or battery should be a clue)

And, while we are on the subject, if you are NOT LIPO EXPERIENCED , DON’T DO IT until you are !